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Just so you know I have already received your brass roller bearing greaser and it works perfectly.
I’m sending this reply as I don’t want you to double ship me.

Your customer service was outstanding by the way 👍.


Good little tool. Works perfectly and the quality can be seen.

KISS Keep it simple, silly. 👍

Gene Guilbault

The M.N. build turned out better than I expected. Thanks for the fine work on the barrel. I am taking it to the range on Sunday to get it figured out ballistically and then next weekend is the first competition shoot.
See Blog Post

The M.N. build turned out better than I expected
Boyd F.

Just received the brass roller bearing greaser that I ordered on Thursday the 2nd. What a great addition to my M1A cleaning/maintenance accessories. It is a precession cut roller bearing greaser that surpasses it's advertised description. It's quality and functionality is par to Sadlak's gas tube cleaning drill bits and wrench.

I can't believe the big box stores don't carry it, especially Brownells, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's.

Richard Gilbert , USMC (MSGT Ret.)

My first experience with BIG Mike was pleasant. He was knowledgeable with the shotgun I purchased and had sent to him as a public FFL. He will provide an opinion take it or leave it! He is a Military Veteran, so my respects and gratitude. I will use BIG Mike for all of my online gun purchase transfer business, and will have him service my firearms in the future!

Adam B.

I saw your You Tube video. Didn't want a cheep plastic greaser from Brownell or Midway.

Stan G.

I received a new bolt roller greaser tool from Big Mike’s Armory & Repair, LLC in Decatur, Indiana. The bolt roller is made of machined brass, so won't have any adverse effect on the steel roller. The tool works very well and is better than the roller greaser that I have had for quite some time. The knurling and weight of the tool makes it easy to use. These can be gotten for around $15 shipped from what I have been told.

The tool is the greatest, I have used other methods to lube the roller on a bolt bearing, by far this is the
easiest/cleanest way I've seen to assure the bearing is fully packed.

Kings to you

Mark C.

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